Discord Bot

I have created a Discord Bot that interacts with my iRacing Statistics database, via the bot Discord users can access a range of statistical information about iRacing Series and Drivers.

Currently I'm accepting teams to add the bot to their Discord servers as part of a beta test program. The bot allows adding a list of drivers to highlight in various outputs, as shown in the screenshots below. If you're interested in adding the bot to your team's Discord please visit my Patreon page and select the Beta Access to iRacing Stats Discord Bot member level.


I'll contact you an walk you through adding the bot to your Discord server and adding your driver's to the highlight list.

If you want to see the bot in action, feel free to join our Discord: https://discord.gg/vSjHkSp

strenth of field



qualifying laps

Below is a list of the available commands:

!driver             Returns information about a driver. Alias: !dvr
!drivers            Returns information about the team's drivers.
!season             Current championship points of a driver

!championship       Top 30 championship standings. Alias: !champ
!participation      Participation heatmap for the series. Alias: !part
!points             Championship points of the team's drivers. Alias: !pts
!qualifyinglaps     Best qualifying times. Alias: !qlaps
!racelaps           The week's best race lap times. Alias: !rlaps
!schedule           Track schedule for a series. Alias: !sched
!series             Table of series and their abbreviations
!strengthoffield    Strength of field heatmap for the series. Alias: !sof
!week               Current week's points of the team's drivers.

!celsius2fahrenheit Converts celsius to fahrenheit. Alias: !c2f
!fahrenheit2celsius Converts fahrenheit to celsius. Alias: !f2c